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Venture into decentralized asset trading and investment with bloco.exchange, your AI-enhanced web3 gateway, designed for an intuitive experience.

The bloco.exchange Vision.

Shaping the Future.

Imagine a digital world where investors can own artificial intelligences that have their own blockchain-based wallets. Where these AIs are capable of investing, trading, and negotiating without human intervention, for the financial benefit of their owners.

We believe that this is an achievable reality on our platform before the end of 2026.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to pioneer decentralized trading experiences by providing investors with intelligent, autonomous systems designed to create and enhance wealth.


NFT Certificates

Get in early and invest in your convertable NFT Certificates.


Bloco NFT Certificate

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| Getting onboard with blocs ()

Token Sale (Q3/Q4)

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Token Supply: The total supply of blocs (⨖) is capped at 1 billion.

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Initial Coin Offering: The ICO of blocs (⨖) is conducted on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Utility of Blocs: Blocs (⨖) are used for governance voting, dividends, credits, participating in exclusive activities, such as liquidity provisions, referrals, and more.

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Converting NFTs to Blocs: Early Investors, who are NFT certificate holders, will have the privilege to convert their NFTs to blocs (⨖).

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Trading Dividend Rights: The rights representing claim on future dividend payouts can be traded in a secondary market, giving users an extra level of flexibility in managing their dividend income.

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